University Waste Compactor Rental

Clean, efficient, and comprehensive waste-handling solutions are necessary for every kind of property and organization. Whether you deal with food waste, recycling, or regular trash, you need the right equipment to optimize your disposal processes and keep your property clean, safe, and organized.

In the case of universities and other educational institutions, you need to be ready to handle any kind of waste. From leftover cafeteria meals to recycled papers in the library, schools handle a wide variety of waste types. As such, you need a flexible waste-handling solution that effectively meets all your diverse needs. That’s why Compactor Rentals of America offers an extensive range of university waste compactor rentals. Read on to learn more about school waste handling and the solutions we offer.

The Importance of Efficient Waste Management in Schools

From providing food service to recycling, educational institutions manage multiple waste streams across a variety of facilities. This means schools and other educational properties need a robust waste-handling system that caters to their various needs without sacrificing efficiency or organization. Optimized waste handling in schools helps save time, maximize space, protect students and faculty, and maintain a clean campus for all to enjoy.

Establish an Effective Waste Management Solution

Compactor Rentals of America provides university waste compactor rentals so that you can enjoy a successful waste management solution without the hassle of maintaining your equipment on your own. Our expert team will help you select and implement the right equipment for your educational institution. We provide a complimentary site visit to help you determine which compactor or baler will meet your specifications. Our recommended equipment for universities, schools, and other educational properties includes:

  • Front or rear load compactors
  • Horizontal balers
  • Vertical balers
  • Self-contained compactors
  • Stationary compactors

Once your waste handling is up and running, we continue to provide support with 24-7 customer service, upgrades, and routine maintenance for your university compactor rental.

Let CRA Handle Your Waste Management Needs

CRA’s monthly full maintenance compactor or baler rental program is available nationwide. We offer a range of trash and recycling compactor and baler products, making it is simple, efficient and cost effective to maintain multiple products at multiple locations across your campus. Contact CRA today to find the ideal waste management solution for your property

Our recommended Compactor and Baler products for Schools/Colleges/Universities include:

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