Fact: Compactors can hold up to four times more waste than an open top solution
which can mean reducing hauling frequency by approximately 75%.

Waste management doesn’t have to be an ugly part of your business. With the right equipment and solutions, you can enjoy a clean facility, efficient backroom processes, and other benefits of proper waste management. Compactor Rentals of America makes achieving these goals easier by providing quality waste management solutions, including our waste compactor rentals.

Every business has different waste management needs. The layout of your facility, the type of trash you throw out, and the amount of trash you produce change the type of solution you need. Compactor Rentals of America makes it easy to find the best solution for your business. With over 25 different models available, we offer a comprehensive selection of commercial and industrial trash compactors and balers to address the varying specifications and processing needs of a range of industries.

The Benefits of Industrial Trash Compactors

The best waste management systems operate out of sight and out of mind, allowing you and your employees to focus on the more important parts of your business. The right trash compactor does more than just meet your waste management needs, though. Industrial trash compactors deliver a variety of additional benefits including:

  • Cleaner and safer facilities, reducing risk of theft, vandalism and vermin and loose material

  • Reduced wear and tear on surrounding facility due to less frequent hauling

  • Easy operation and limited maintenance requirements

With these and other advantages of waste compactors, your facility can operate smoothly and efficiently without worrying about the trash you produce.

Compactor Rentals Make Waste Management Easy

Waste compactor solutions aren’t the focus of your business, so they shouldn’t take up all your time, money, and energy. When you rent your industrial trash compactor with Compactor Rentals of America, you’ll receive effective waste management solutions without having to worry about ongoing maintenance and upkeep. With a comprehensive selection of compactor solutions, we even make it easier to find the right equipment for the job. Our seasoned and dedicated service staff will partner with you to identify the optimal product to meet your unique waste handling needs.

Visit Compactor Rentals of America today to meet with our team and find a waste management solution to enhance your business.

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