If having issues with your equipment, first review the troubleshooting checklist.

If issues persist, complete the service request form below and we will contact you to assist.

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    Prior to requesting service, check the following:

    • Confirm electrical disconnect is in the “On” position
    • Key in correct “On” or “Run” position (if available)
      *NOTE: There may be two keypads for stationary compactors. One is on the inside controls and the other could be a set of outside hauler controls. If there is a set of outside controls, check to make sure key is turned on the “On” or “Run” position.

    • Check to make sure Emergency Button is not engaged
    • Check all doors are closed and magnetic interlock switches are engaged (if safety interlock magnets are not in contact, the compactor will not run)
    • Verify if there has been an electrical disturbance in the last 24 hours, i.e. lightning storm. Compactors come with a PLC (similar to a computer). Turn off electrical disconnect box for 20 seconds and turn back on.
    • If compactor has a cart dumper that is not working, unplug both disconnect hoses and reconnect them tightly.
    • Does the compactor have a fullness monitoring system installed (Waste Harmonics or Pandora)? If so, check with the monitoring service company to see if they can detect any issues on their end or if the compactor is full, jammed, low oil, etc.

    • FOR VIP Compactors – Is the limit switch engaged?
    • Check to make sure hauler connected hoses properly after servicing