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Successful waste management industry solutions should suit the unique processes and specifications of your organization. Our service professionals understand the challenges and nuances that difference industries’ products, services and processes have on the garbage and recycling produced. Trust our decades of experience and customer service focused approach to identify, install, and service the right compactor solution – for your industry and your business.

Waste Brokers – Waste brokers must provide seamless waste handling services to their customers. Cost-effective compactor and baler solutions maximize efficiency and quality for you and your clients.

Waste Haulers – Our compactor and baler rental program allows waste haulers to focus less on job site equipment and more on quality hauling services for their customers.

Supermarkets – Markets, grocery stores, and similar businesses produce a large and diverse variety of waste materials. CRA’s comprehensive inventory of equipment delivers the compactor solution you need to stay on top of waste management.

Manufacturing – Manufacturers need a garbage management solution that’s as efficient, safe, and cost-effective as the rest of their practices.

Recyclers – Recycling centers process a high volume of recyclable materials each day. Optimized baler solutions save space and improve efficiency throughout your facility.

Property Managers – A clean and compact waste management solution keeps your property attractive and comfortable. Apartment compactors and other solutions increase efficiency and improve the overall resident experience.

Distribution Centers – Distribution centers work tirelessly to manage an incredibly high volume of products. Efficient waste management supports a fast and smooth workflow for your facility.

Healthcare – CRA’s compactor solutions create a clean, efficient, and stress-free waste management solution so that healthcare facilities can focus on upholding an atmosphere of care and safety.

Municipalities – Public waste management solutions are a key part of creating and preserving a clean, safe, and welcoming community.

Schools/Colleges/Universities – Academic institutions deal with paper waste, food waste, and so much more. CRA’s versatile waste management industry services deliver the solution you need to best handle your unique waste materials.

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