Every business owner wants their company to grow. However, with growth comes necessary changes and upgrades. Don’t let certain processes fall by the wayside as the rest of your business reaches new heights. Maintain your backroom’s safety, cleanliness, and efficiency with compactor equipment upgrades from Compactor Rentals of America’s rental programs.

Support Your Growth With CRA

At Compactor Rentals of America, we know that as your business changes and grows, so do your waste stream and recycling handling needs. That’s why we offer a range of commercial and industrial compactor and baler products that allow customers to seamlessly make upgrade or change their products.

Do you need a baler equipment upgrade to keep up with higher volumes of recyclable waste? Is it time to choose a compactor replacement to suit a more efficient layout for your backroom? No matter what growing pains your company faces, CRA is here to make sure your waste management solution continues to serve you through it all.

The Right Solution in the Right Moment

We pride ourselves on helping businesses find their ideal waste management solution. Sometimes, this means changing or replacing equipment to keep up with new demands or challenges. Factors such as the volume and type of waste your business produces, what your backroom looks like, and even which waste hauler compactors you work with influence the efficacy of your waste management equipment. Baler and compactor equipment upgrades keep your waste management system flexible so that you can continue to evolve with the changes your company faces.

Rent With Confidence With CRA

Renting your compactor or baler is a cost-effective way to implement your optimized waste management solution. At CRA, our rental program provides expert service and resources so that you can efficiently utilize your compactor and baler equipment. By offering trash compactor replacements and other equipment upgrades, we help businesses continue to meet their full potential as they experience new growth and opportunity.

Never let your waste management system hold you back as your company flourishes. Work with CRA to find the best compactor equipment upgrades for your evolving business needs. Ask your sales representative about how we can help you upgrade your compactor or baler solution as well as our monthly rental rates that accommodate larger volume products.

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