Garden center managers have a lot to focus on, and waste management probably isn’t at the top of the priority list. But like any other retail operation, garden centers need to invest in efficient ways to handle the trash and recyclables they produce. That’s where Compactor Rentals of America comes in. CRA’s rental programs make it easy to choose, implement, and maintain garden center trash compactors and recycling balers. With dependable equipment, expert knowledge, and a custom waste management solution that fits the demands of your business, you can create an organized system that keeps your garden center running smoothly.

Green Solutions for a Green Business

No one wants to peruse a garden center that has scattered trash, contaminated rainwater, and other signs of waste on the property. A reliable waste compactor securely contains trash and prevents pollution in and around your store. In addition to keeping your property clean and free of clutter, garden center waste management compactors help improve sustainability by streamlining waste storage and cutting down the number of hauling trips you need to complete each week. Trash compactors and recycling balers are a straightforward but effective solution for businesses trying to promote a cleaner and healthier natural environment.

CRA Makes Waste Management Easy

With CRA, waste management has never been easier. Our rental program takes the pressure of purchasing and owning your own compactor and other waste management equipment off your shoulders. When you rent your waste management equipment through CRA, you enjoy access to a wide variety of equipment solutions, lower upfront costs, comprehensive maintenance, equipment upgrades, and expert service from our friendly team.

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Improve your garden center today by partnering with CRA for all your waste management needs. Learn more about our suggested solutions for garden center waste management compactors when you contact our team today. We’ll help you implement the ideal solution for your business so that you can enjoy peace of mind about your waste management system.

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