The busier your facility is, the more waste you produce. That’s why it’s important to invest in a waste management solution that can handle your specific business needs and scale with the growth you experience. If you’re a large-scale facility dealing with high volumes of trash, a horizontal baler might be the right solution for you.

The Advantages of Horizontal Balers

Horizontal balers process high volumes of material efficiently and consistently. These balers typically process OCC (cardboard), PET (water bottles) and HDPE (milk & soda jugs, colored plastic such as laundry detergent bottles).

Typical applications of horizontal balers include distribution centers, warehouses, printers, and recycling facilities.

Key benefits of horizontal balers include:
  • Consistent bale sizes for simplified hauling and storage

  • Large opening that can be fed by in-ground or above-ground conveyors

  • Multiple versions of power unit and feed openings to customize to applications

  • Can process up to 25 tons per hour of OCC

Because of their size and capacity, horizontal industrial balers are an ideal waste management solution for large or high-volume facilities that produce a lot of waste every day. By switching to recycling balers, facilities minimize the space that recyclable or waste materials take up and reduce the frequency of waste hauling. This allows your entire backroom to run more efficiently without the stress of built-up trash and waste.

Reasons To Rent Your Horizontal Baler

Industrial balers offer big solutions for big needs, but you can make your investment as cost-effective as possible by renting instead of buying. In addition to a lower upfront cost, renting your baler allows you to work with experienced professionals who will help you find an optimal solution for your specific business needs. At Compactor Rentals of America, we help clients choose, install, and maintain an ideal waste management system that enhances their processes and creates room for more productivity throughout their facility. Visit us today to learn more about how our horizontal baler rentals can help your business.

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