Every business needs an effective waste management solution. Various types of trash compactors and balers allow businesses to consolidate waste, minimize backroom mess, and improve safety and sanitation.

Finding the right trash compactor revolves around the type and volume of waste you produce. For industries that deal with large volumes of bulky or irregularly shaped waste, a pre-crusher could be the ideal solution. Learn more about how pre-crusher compactors operate and why your business might benefit from one below.

What Are Pre-Crusher Compactors?

Pre-crushers are designed to minimize large bulky waste, decreasing waste volume and increasing load weight. This application is optimal for handling pallets, drums, automotive parts (ABS bumpers and fenders) and other difficult to manage waste items.

The large size and heavy-duty construction of garbage crushers create a durable and lasting solution that can handle irregular waste products. Objects like furniture, automotive parts, and scrap metal would normally leave gaps in a bale or create other problems when disposing of them. A pre-crusher compactor allows businesses to break down these products for easier, safer, and more efficient disposal.

Heavy-Duty Solution for Heavy-Duty Waste

Waste crushers specialize in handling bulky products such as large metal goods, furniture, and other heavy scrap materials. The durability and high capacity of pre-crushers allows them to manage these and other examples of heavy-duty waste safely and efficiently.

As such, pre-crusher compactors are an ideal solution for many industrial applications such as manufacturing plants, construction sites, and junkyards. Other examples of businesses and industries that can make use of a garbage crusher include waste brokers and haulers, distribution centers, and various municipality buildings.

Key features of a pre-crusher include:
  • Heavy-duty steel construction

  • Reinforced gate increases durability and strength

  • Tongue and groove floor prevent waste moving between ram and floor

  • Size: 3 – 7 cubic yards

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The team at CRA is here to help you find the pre-crusher compactor and other equipment you need to keep your business operating at its best. Visit us today to learn more about our waste management solutions and see how our rental program can benefit you.

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