Founded in 2009, CRA is a premier nationwide provider of compactor and baler rental solutions and services. CRA successfully serves over 3,500 clients across more than 15 industries.

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CRA’s headquarters and southwest regional service facilities are located in Phoenix, AZ. Through partnerships with 85 service providers, we provide 24/7 nationwide customer service, maximizing uptime and customer satisfaction. CRA was acquired by National Waste Partners in 2016 and is part of NWP’s national platform of waste management solutions.

Why Compact?

It may seem like it’s all “garbage in, garbage out”, but here are some key reasons why garbage compactors are an optimal waste handling solution for many businesses.
  • Compactors can hold four times more waste than an open top solution, which can reduce hauling frequency by approximately 75%
  • Less frequent hauling helps limit repair requirements to surrounding area and facilities
  • Compactors consolidates waste, keeping facilities cleaner, reducing risk of theft, vandalism and vermin, and improving safety for employees
  • Easy to operate and limited maintenance requirements
  • Enclosed container ensures material doesn’t come loose due to wind and weather
  • Facilitates recycling initiatives and diverts waste from landfills 
  • Keeps garbage and recycling contained for proper disposal, contributing to lower pollution

Why rent a compactor?

Weighing the benefits of renting versus owning a compactor or baler? Here are the key benefits associated with renting a compactor that our customers often site as critical factors in the decision-making process.
  • Affordable monthly rental rate offset by lower monthly waste hauling costs
  • Capital investments can be redirected to core business initiatives
  • 100% tax deductible
  • Products and solutions can be upgraded or altered in response to site changes, waste volume, and business needs
  • Access to new industry leading products and options as available
  • Compactors are delivered and installed to meet site specifications at no additional cost
  • All maintenance and regular services fees included with monthly rental rate

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