CRA is an approved Sourcewell contractor, making us part of a network of over 50,000 businesses available to help government, non-profit and government agencies more easily and efficiently access contracts to products, equipment and services. Read on to learn more about Compactor Rentals of America’s partnership with Sourcewell. See why finding compactor rentals with Sourcewell is the waste-handling solution your organization needs.

Who Is Sourcewell?

Sourcewell is a Minnesota-based, self-funded government organization that helps a variety of agencies and organizations find contract services, training opportunities, technology solutions, and so much more. By maintaining a network of over 50,000 diverse and accomplished businesses, Sourcewell can connect government agencies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations to the cutting-edge solutions they need to succeed.

A Network To Meet Your Needs

CRA provides compactor rentals for organizations and agencies that need comprehensive and efficient waste management solutions. By working with Sourcewell, we make it easier for clients to find us and obtain the waste-handling equipment they need to create a cleaner and safer facility. As a proud member of the Sourcewell network, we can reach more organizations and help them build a tailored waste-handling solution that meets their needs and elevates their business.

Why Choose CRA As Your Waste Handling Partner?

When you need straightforward, accessible trash compactor services, CRA is the way to go. Our equipment rental programs help organizations find the solutions they need to serve their unique needs.

At the same time, our comprehensive service and support help ensure those solutions continue to serve your property as effectively as possible. We offer preventative maintenance routines, upgrade opportunities, and other value-added services. Even better, because you’re renting your equipment, we handle the cost and labor of maintenance. All these programs work to set your organization up for long-term success.

When you turn to Compactor Rentals of America, you let the experts manage your waste-handling solution so that you can focus on the more important parts of your organization. Contact the team at CRA today and learn more about finding successful compactor rentals with Sourcewell.

Learn more about how to partner with Sourcewell and CRA to address the waste handling needs of your organization, facilities and communities.

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