Compactor Rentals of America offers an extensive range of waste management solutions. With different equipment types and sizes, we can help you find the most effective and budget-friendly solution for your property. If you need a waste compactor rental to handle small and medium volumes of waste, a front load compactor might be the solution you’re looking for. Read on to learn more about front and rear load compactors and find a waste management process that saves you time, space, and money.

Businesses That Use Front Load Compactors

Any business, organization, or other type of property that wants to improve the way they handle their small to medium volume of waste can benefit from front and rear load compactors. Typical application of these machines are single tenant residential properties, small retail businesses, restaurant locations, and more. Waste brokers and haulers will also appreciate the ease and efficiency that front load compactors offer.

Is a Front Load Compactor Right for You?

Front load compactors and rear load compactors handle small to medium volumes of waste. These compactors are ideal for property owners who need to optimize their waste management solution without taking up too much space.

Key features of front and rear load compactors include:

  • Easily emptied by standard commercial hauling equipment

  • Leak proof container means both wet and dry waste can be compacted

  • Size: 2 – 8 yards

The smaller footprint and efficient throughput for small to medium waste volumes makes front and rear load compactors ideal for businesses or organizations that want to consolidate waste and maximize the space that they have.

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