Commercial balers are an effective solution for managing dry waste and recyclables, such as cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum, and other scrap metals. Of the various baler solutions, vertical baler machines offer effective power and efficiency with a smaller footprint.

Vertical balers use vertical force to compress recyclables for ease of processing and hauling.

Vertical balers are used in a variety of applications including hospitality, groceries, retail and other similar industry segments.

Key benefits of vertical balers include:
  • Small footprint for easy installation and use

  • Three phase or single-phase power packs

  • Produces 1,000# mill-sized bale of OCC

  • Can process up to 1 ton per hour of OCC

Vertical baler machines are an effective solution for organizations and companies that produce a significant amount of recyclable waste but don’t have the space or demand for a high-volume solution, like a compactor or horizontal baler. Because of their small footprint and ease of use, vertical balers bring remarkable efficiency to your waste management process.

Why Rent Your Vertical Baler?

Installing a vertical cardboard baler helps optimize your waste management process so that you can spend more time and energy on the more important aspects of your business. However, you can create even more time and cost savings by choosing to rent. Vertical baler rentals offer a lower upfront cost, making them ideal for businesses that don’t have the resources or the need for bigger baler or compactor solutions.

Moreover, vertical baler rentals let you reap the benefits of your baler without worrying about maintenance and upkeep. Instead, a team of experienced professionals handles preventative maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and equipment changes whenever you need them.

If you’re looking for the perfect baler solution for your business, turn to Compactor Rentals of America. serving many industries, we can help you find a vertical baler rental that meets your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how we can improve your waste management processes.

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