Designed for use in smaller spaces, apartment trash compactors are the perfect solution for handling waste in residential and commercial facilities like apartments, hospitals, and office buildings. Compactor Rentals of America makes choosing, installing, and maintaining your small commercial trash compactor easy. Let us optimize your waste management solution, so you can focus more on managing your property.

Maintain a Cleaner, Better Property

Apartment buildings, offices, and other residential and commercial facilities need efficient waste management solutions. Apartment compactors and balers maximize your space so that you can keep recyclable and waste materials out of the way for residents, employees, and others who enter your property.

Key features of apartment trash compactors include:
  • No additional preparation or set-up required in the surrounding area

  • Front, side, or rear load options to accommodate restrictions of tight spaces

  • Easy to operate

  • Size: 2 – 4 yards (including collection container)

The intuitive, safe-spacing design of apartment compactors makes them an ideal solution for residential buildings, offices, and other smaller commercial properties.

Why Renting Is Right for Your Property

Purchasing an apartment trash compactor or baler is a major investment that can significantly drain your resources. When you choose to rent your waste management equipment from CRA, we provide high-quality equipment at a lower upfront cost.

Moreover, our full-maintenance rental program gives you the support you need to install, maintain, and repair your equipment throughout the life of your partnership. CRA has a comprehensive range of apartment compactors and other equipment, making it easy to find the best possible solution for your property. Our rental program lets you worry less about waste materials and more about maintaining a clean, safe, and positive environment in your space.

Visit CRA today to see how our team of waste management experts can help you and your business. With friendly service, industry experience, and a wide range of equipment solutions, we can help you find the best system for your property.

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