Just like all other aspects of manufacturing, efficiency, cost and safety are key considerations for manufacturers when choosing waste handling solutions.

Most manufacturing facilities produce a significant amount of waste. Industrial products like pallets, drums, and metal parts—alongside the large amounts of dry waste they produce—can create a unique waste handling challenge for manufacturers. Finding the right commercial trash compactor rental for your specific waste needs isn’t always easy. That’s why the experts at Compactor Rentals of America are here to guide you toward the perfect waste handling solution for your manufacturing facility.

Addressing Your Specific Needs

Manufacturing companies manage busy, complex facilities that must always find new ways to streamline processes and improve overall productivity. An effective manufacturing waste handling solution can help.

Start with a manufacturing recycling baler or trash compactor that addresses the unique needs of your facility. Most manufacturers require equipment that can handle large volumes of dry waste, such as a stationary compactor. Pre-crushers that can efficiently manage large, bulky waste items—like drums or pallets—are also useful for manufacturing facilities.

It’s important to implement specific manufacturing waste handling equipment that can handle the type and volume of waste that your facility produces. This creates a more effective waste management process that helps keep your manufacturing floor clean, organized, and safe for your employees. Moreover, making an informed decision about the type of compactor or baler you use establishes a more efficient waste-handling process, which means you can spend less time dealing with your manufacturing waste and more time improving productivity in other areas of your facility.

What We Do

Manufacturers don’t always have the time to find, purchase, and implement a high-quality, expertly run waste management solution. That’s where Compactor Rentals of America comes in. Our rental program helps you find and maintain the perfect solution for your facility for a lower upfront cost. CRA’s compactor and baler rental program includes a complimentary site visit which helps ensure that the ideal industrial or commercial trash compactor product for your unique materials and specifications is installed within your facility.

Find Your Waste Handling Solution at CRA

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Our recommended Compactor and Baler products for manufacturers include:

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