Compactor Rentals of America – Service Guide

As your trash compactor and ancillary service provider, Compactor Rentals of America (“CRA”) will service rented equipment for repairs and maintenance resulting from routine wear and tear. Unless otherwise specified in your rental agreement, this responsibility does not include services for any damages caused by theft or vandalism, accidents, negligence, improper maintenance, failure to report service issues in a timely manner, extreme weather, or acts of God. In addition, the following are examples of requirements and/or prohibited conduct that must be complied with, or you may be charged for repairs and/or damages to the rented equipment:

  1. Absolutely no hazardous waste to be dumped in any equipment.
  2. Caster wheel replacements are not covered by the rental agreement and your responsibility.
  3. Never override or disengage any safety mechanisms.
  4. Discontinue using the unit when the “full” light is on.
  5. Discontinue use or notify our service department of any visual fluid leaks.
  6. Notify our service department immediately of any damage to an e-stop button or key switch.
  7. Service calls for fully functioning equipment may be charged to the customer.
  8. Address any questions during operator training session or reaching out to our service department with any questions.

Any questions about your rented equipment or need for service must be directed to CRA’s Service Department at or 833-254-6864. As agreed upon in your rental agreement, please note that down time for units requiring repair, regardless of cause or fault, is not covered by CRA under any circumstances. Additionally, by executing the rental agreement with CRA you have agreed to the responsibilities and restrictions contained herein or otherwise set forth on the equipment or user manuals, and CRA reserves the right to modify this service guide at any time and without notice.