Tips for Creating Perfect Cardboard Bales

Waste compactors create products with waste materials and recyclables that could benefit your business. Optimizing a space with equipment that provides organization and waste management without taking time, energy, and space is what every business should look for.

If your business works with packaging and deliverables or creates different types of waste, a waste compactor is the best option for you. Commercial compactors can deal with and manage different materials, from wet to solid, and effectively dispose of them. These tips for creating perfect cardboard bales will help you achieve best practices and extra income for your business.

Start Flat

To get the best results when creating a bale of cardboard, always try to get the bottom to stay flat with a piece of cardboard that fits perfectly. This flat surface will serve as one of the main covers. You can then add more pieces on top and get a smoother result. There are different types of cardboard, and all of them are easy to manipulate. Start flat and build on top of that.

Break Down the Boxes

To get an even bale, break down all the boxes before adding them to the trash compactor. This might take a little more time than just throwing the box inside, but the bale will look nicer and hold every piece in place. Breaking down the boxes will also allow you to create more space and optimize the use of your compactor.

Compact Each Box

To fit as many pieces of cardboard as you can in your bale, you can lower the platen inside your commercial baler to compact every piece into a smaller object. Lowering the platen is a simple and quick process that you can do anytime, but if you want to create more room, you can do it after depositing an item. The amount of cardboard you add will determine the bale’s weight and price.

Don’t Overflow the Baler

Each compactor has marks and signs that let you know where you should stop adding more cardboard to create a good bale. You will see when the baler is full because it will get a little challenging to lower the platen if the container is overflowing. Once you reach the ideal capacity, it is time to tie the bale to keep everything in place and remove it from the compactor.

Tie the Bale

To create the perfect cardboard bale, the last step is to tie it to keep everything in place. Once the compactor is full, run the platen to the lowest position and turn the baler off for safety. Then, insert the wire through the wiring channels from the bottom through the top, and tie it tightly to secure it. To remove the bale from the compactor, open the side door and pull it toward you.