At some point, every Manufacturer must dispose of imperfect products. It’s an inevitable problem.

As you scale a product, mistakes are bound to happen. The first solution that ordinarily comes to mind is simply disposing of the products, but this is often a poor choice. These products may still end up in the wrong person’s hands and get sold through the grey market (unauthorized distribution channels). When it comes to these products, often the only solution is destruction.

There are two essential considerations regarding imperfect product destruction:

Your Brand – Putting products out on the market that don’t meet your quality standards will damage your reputation. Consumers may not know it’s faulty and could still associate these lesser products with your company. The proliferation of imperfect products makes it less likely that consumers become repeat consumers and may lead to them posting negative reviews that can turn others off from consuming your products.

Your Customers – Even more important than your brand’s reputation is your customers’ health and safety. If your imperfect product could potentially put them in harm’s way, it needs to be destroyed. Even if the potential for harm is small, there’s no need to take chances. You don’t want to be held liable.

(Pre-Crusher Compactor w/out container)

For obvious reasons, most businesses don’t spend much time thinking about destroying their products.

Even when they conclude that destruction is the only solution, they lack clarity about doing it. That’s where we come in. Pre-Crushers are one of the most effective solutions for handling imperfect products. A Pre-Crusher is a stationary compactor designed to destroy material before compacting into a compaction container. Pre-Crushers work by first crushing the material up against a reinforced steel gate. Then the steel gate slides up, and the ram compacts the now crushed material into the container.

Pre-Crushers are typically used for handling bulky materials (i.e., pallets, crates, white goods) but can also be used to prevent imperfect products from finding their way into the wrong hands. If you’re a manufacturer who produces products at a large scale, investing in a Pre-Crusher to handle your waste can be a wise decision. Pre-Crushers can handle all of your typical dry waste disposal needs, while also destroying products that have been rendered imperfect. Your company can handle product destruction in-house with a pre-crusher.

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